Folding Together

The Team

The 'Folding Together' team has three primary members, responsible for the origination, running and documentation of the projects.

Ms Miri Golan
Miri founded the project. She is the Manager of the Israeli side, and the equal in the project of Abeer.

Additionally, Miri is the founder and Director of the Israeli Origami Center (founded 1993), responsible for the training and placement of specialist origami teachers in schools . Currently, 45 specialist teachers teach 10,000 children each week in 70+ Jewish, Moslem and Christian schools. The IOC is considered the world leader on origami in education. Miri has twice been invited to lecture about her educational work in the USA, and twice in the UK. The prestigious 'Masters of Origami' exhibition in Salzburg in 2005, selected Miri to run workshops for children and for teachers. 'MoO' generously sponsored the printing of a booklet which outlined her philosophy of teaching. These booklets were mailed to 2,000 schools in Austria and Germany.

Since 1992, Miri has taught origami 2 days a week in a Special School for hyperactive and disruptive children excluded from mainstream education.

Ms Abeer Mughrabi
Abeer is responsible for the Palestinian side of the project, and the equal in the project of Miri. She also runs the project from its office in Ein Karem, Jerusalem and maintains regular contact with the parents and schools of the two sides.

Abeer has worked for the Origami Center since 2002. She is responsible for the training, placement and supervision of 18 Palestinian origami teachers in 35 schools. She teaches origami 1 day a week.

Paul Jackson
Born in England, Paul has been a professional origami artist since 1982. He has written 24 books about origami and papercrafts, done many media commissions, been a consultant for several multi-national companies and taught on more than 100 Art & Design courses at University level. His origami art has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Paul's site

He is the Creative Director of the project, responsible for the origami content of the courses. He also prepares the materials used and is responsible for the documentation of the project, including the writing, designing and building of this web site.

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