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The First Arabic Origami Book

A donation to design and print 2000 copies of this book was given in 2000 by the American philanthropist Harvey Krueger, with the help of Aliza Savir at the Peres Center for Peace. We believe it to be the first ever origami book in Arabic.

The book contains instructions for a dozen simple origami models and includes the story of Sadako Sasaki. It is given free to Arab-speaking school students who study origami with the Israeli Origami Center. Many copies have also been donated to Palestinian refugee camps and Summer Schools.

The Book of the 2004-5 Major Project

The grant for the 2004-5 Major Project included a sum to create a 36-page origami book, edited by Miri Golan, designed by Paul Jackson and translated into Arabic by Abeer Mughrabi. The book was given free to all the children who participated in the Project. It was written throughout in both Arabic and Hebrew.

The book included a dedication by the Japanese Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Mr Jun Yokota, the story of Sadako Sasaki, a description of the Project, a gallery of outstanding origami art from around the world and instructions for a dozen simple models, including the Crane.

Some 3,500 copies of the book were given to deprived Israeli Arab and Palestinian children before the 2005 summer vacation.

The book is also being used to promote and publicise the Project.

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