Folding Together

The Folding Together Project

"Slowly, my fear disappeared, because I came to know that they are exactly like us"
-- excerpt from a child's Project diary


The 'Folding Together' project brings together Israeli and Palestinian children from the Jerusalem area, to make origami.

In their everyday lives, the children of the two sides never meet, perpetuating the cycle of ignorance, mistrust and fear of the other side. By bringing the children together in an atmosphere of fun and co-operative creativity, we break this cycle and help to move the peoples of our region towards a more positive, mutually respectful future.

Origami (the Japanese art of folding paper) may seem an unlikely choice for this endeavor, but it has proven a remarkably successful 'getting-to-know-you' tool, winning for the project much praise and the passionate support of the children, schools and families who have taken part.

The 'Folding Together' team is also involved with other origami projects that bring people together.

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Miri Golan
Abeer Mughrabi
Paul Jackson

The 'Folding Together Origami Project' is a registered not-for-profit organisation. It is wholly independent, with no affiliation whatsoever to any political, religious, cultural or other group, whether actual or inferred. More details can be read here.

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