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The 'Folding Together' project is actively seeking donations or grants to continue its existing projects, and to open new ones.

Small donations will help us with many small but important projects such as the reprinting of books, organising an ongoing series of international and local exhibitions, editing videos, the printing and dissemination of publicity and promotional materials, and office expenses. Any donation, however small, will be gratefully received and used well.

Major grants have already been donated by the Project by the Peres Center for Peace (2002 Pilot) and by the Grassroots Development Fund of the Foreign Ministry of Japan (2004-5 Major Project). If you have contacts with politically unaffiliated organisations, foundations or groups who you think may be interested to fund future activities, we would be grateful to be put into contact with them. Where relevant, it is particularly useful to receive the name of an individual to contact, including her/his email, phone and fax. We need approximately USD23,000 to run a course of 12 meetings for 20 Israeli and 20 Palestinian children. We prefer to run 3 courses in one calendar year, rather than to run a single course.

Pass on the news about our activities. If you feel unable to help us directly, but have goodwill towards our activities, please tell people about what we do. In particular, please tell them about this web site.

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