Folding Together


Each 'Folding Together' course or project ends with an exhibition of origami made by the children. Some of the exhibits are shown below. We have also exhibited work outside the Project, including at the 'Masters of Origami' exhibition, also shown below.

2004-5 Major Project

'Masters of Origami' exhibition

We were privileged to be asked to contribute work from the 'Folding Together' projects to the 'Masters of Origami' exhibition in Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria, sponsored by Red Bull, which ran from July-September 2005. The exhibition is now scheduled to tour the world, though at the time of writing, no venues have been finalised.

'MoO' featured the work of 60 origami artists, including Paul Jackson. Paul and Miri Golan were both invited to give specialist workshops (Paul about the role of folding in Art & Design; Miri about the value of origami as an educational tool). Paul, Miri, and Abeer Mughrabi were invited to the opening.

We exhibited 2 garlands of 1000 cranes, butterflies to honour the memory of master Akira Yoshizawa, who died during the Project, and a modular ball containing the names of some of the participating children.

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