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The collages were made from coloured triangles of folded paper, by a pair of
children from the 2 sides. This seemingly innocuous task
proved remarkably
instructive. Children who worked co-operatively together achieved attractive designs
speedily and with little fuss. However, pairs that contained one or two dominant children
who insisted that their ideas alone should be used, failed to make anything! At the
conclusion of the first session, we discussed why some pairs had achieved a collage
and some had not. From this discussion, the children learnt that to achieve
something they must work as equals, each giving space to the other. During the
second session, these pairs again struggled to make a collaborative collage, but
understanding their problem, eventually achieved good results.
We felt making this collage was one of the most valuable sessions
of the whole Project, bringing together in simple terms, the main issues between
the children.